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How To Clean Your Concrete Floors Before You Polish Them

Posted on Feb 24, 2017 by in Commercial Cleaning |

Have you ever wondered how to polish your concrete floor? Maybe you want to develop a new skill or maybe you want to save some money by doing it yourself. No matter what your reasoning is we would love to show you how you can DIY cleaning your concrete floor before you polish it.

Step #1: Determine the condition of the current concrete floor. This can be done by visually assessing the concrete floor for starters. Next, you will need to determine the hardness of the concrete using the MOHS Concrete Hardness Tester kit.

Step #2: Prepare your surface. By cleaning it with the best products on the market. Take your time and mix the products with water to give it the best clean possible. This will help you give your floors the best shine possible. Look to professionals like Pro Melbourne Cleaning if you want your concrete floors professionally cleaned.

Step #3: Time to polish. After you complete the first two steps you are ready for the first round of grinding with a metal bond diamond abrasive. This typically comes in the form of a pad for your sander. This initial grinding prepares the concrete for the final smoothing. (Note: this process is typically a two-step process, depending on the condition of the concrete you might be able to make this a one-step process)

Step #4: Densify your concrete. Once the initial grinding is finished it is highly beneficial to apply a liquid chemical hardener to the concrete in order to solidify and densify the surface as well as provide an extra layer of protection from staining and water.

Step #5: The final step. Congratulations you made it to the final step. Keep an eye on the floor and watch for signs you are finished. This may take some time to realise but the goal is to buff out the scratch pattern from the previous pass you made. You may have to switch to a finer grit level at this point in your polishing.

Step #6: Time for protection. When you are happy with the look and polish of your floor it can apply a stain guard product to it. This application will help protect the surface from grease, oil, and other chemicals that could damage it. You might think of this coating for your floor like Scotchgard is for your upholstered furniture. Typically this coating will penetrate the surface of your floor and help make it more resistant to absorbing stains and dirt helping it to look nice longer.

That’s it, you are finished. Hopefully, this helped you see how to DIY your surface and with anything should you have questions contact your professional concrete polishing company for expert advice. Many companies provides service for office cleaning in Melbourne CBD & other locations, for improving the quality of your commercial property floors. For more information on how you can cleaners can help you transform the look & beauty of your commercial & residential properties, you can click here to contact experts team.